I started my working life as a linguist, living in Paris for five years, enjoying the city and the lifestyle – and the wine! – before returning to England, at which point I qualified as a lawyer. When my first child came along, I gave up paid employment to care for my family, but always continued working in a voluntary capacity.

I worked for many years for the National Childbirth Trust in a variety of roles and then worked for the Citizens Advice Bureau as an advisor, which was an extremely rewarding role. When the eldest of my three sons applied to attend university, I realised that financial assistance would be required from us so decided that a return to paid employment was required. I was fortunate enough to be offered the job of receptionist/administrator here at the clinic, where I can combine my professional skills with my ability to talk the hind leg off of a donkey!

It is my pleasure to welcome patients to the clinic and assist them in whatever way I can to ensure that their visit here is pleasant and enjoyable as well as clinically helpful. When not working, I spend my time running my household of boys and our menagerie of cats, dogs and chickens (with my husband appearing in the mix somewhere).

Alison Simmons