Our Process
Here at Maidstone Physiotherapy Clinic, we believe in taking the best steps to get you moving again. By using our 3 step process we ensure that not only are you assessed correctly from the start, but that you receive a personalised recovery plan which gives you the ability to maintain your health through our continued care initiatives.

We believe that to get you back to optimal health, it’s important to find a solution that you understand and can commit to, so at every step we make it our priority to ensure that you are comfortable with your treatment. For more information on each stage of our process please see below.

What can we treat?

We have the skills and experience to treat a wide variety of problems that may prevent you from enjoying your normal day to day lifestyle or hobbies.

We see people of all ages from children to elderly clients and can even do home visits if your mobility prevents you from coming to the clinic.

The most common problems that we see are listed below, but please ring the clinic or fill in our contact form if you need advice on a specific problem not listed, or if you would rather discuss your problem in more detail with one of our therapists.

How can we treat it?

Treatment Selection
Following your assessment and diagnosis of the cause of your problem, our therapists will chat through with you all the treatment options which they believe would be most beneficial to get you better, as well as the likely number of sessions needed (many problems improve with just 3-4 sessions of treatment, and others can take up to 6-8 sessions).
We welcome your input when deciding which treatments to give you, as we believe your happiness and comfort is vital in getting you better.
If we think your problem needs investigating further with an X-Ray / MRI scan or referral to a specialist, we are happy to write referral letters/make phone calls on your behalf at no extra cost.

Treatment Choices
Our Therapists usually use a combination of treatment techniques to get you better. The most commonly used treatments are listed below but please contact us if you want to discuss a specific treatment in more detail or want more information.

How can we help prevent your problem returning?

We?re determined to help you maintain your improvements following treatment with us, so offer various ways to help your future well-being and keep you moving.

After all, we all know that prevention is better than cure.

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