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We have had the pleasure of treating many clients over the years, and are always encouraged to hear how the care we’ve given has improved their well-being. Please see our Testimonials section to read how we are helping to keep people moving, and read some of our Patients’ more detailed stories below.

If you’re not sure about how we can help you, then have a read below to hear some first hand experiences, or get in touch with us as we are always happy to chat.


I am a 55 year old builder that also enjoys running, swimming walking and general gym classes such as spin and circuit training, probably the worst combination of activities and work for my age group. I have run for nearly 30 years and most of them with no injuries.

I have suffered most of my life with sciatica and after trying many sports massages and cheap so called clinics, I came across Maidstone Physio Clinic probably about 15 years ago. In that time I have had three shoulder operations and one major back operation all of which I have used Maidstone Physio Clinic in rehabilitation. I have over the years had massage, acupuncture (which I will be the first to admit initially I thought would be a waste of time and was so proved wrong) interferential therapy, ultrasound and given Pilates exercises.

I now generally go every 6 weeks to get what I call a “service”, which consists of massage and acupuncture. Sometimes I feel I probably don’t need to go but when I come out I can really feel the benefit of being more flexible and this helps me continue to do all the things above without any problems.

The staff at Maidstone Physio Clinic are always polite, friendly and very accommodating especially when I have had a problem and they would fit me in around a cancellation. The Clinic is always moving forward with technology and up to date classes for all abilities.

I think it’s money well spent and so much better than going for a cheap un-qualified sports massage.

Sports Injury

My name is Emily Smith and I have been a client at the Maidstone Physiotherapy Clinic during the past couple of years.

I compete at a National level in the sport of Trampolining and Double Mini Trampoline and in 2014 I was lucky to be selected to represent Great Britain for Double Mini Trampoline at the World Age Trampoline Championships in Daytona Florida and also a competition in International Loule, Portugal. Leading up to my selection I had struggled with problems with my knees. With treatment and some adjustments to my training regime, I was able prepare for the events. I was also helped with exercises and taught how to apply strapping to provide my knees with extra support.

I was pleased to win a Gold medal in Loule for my age group and in Daytona I was placed 12th in the World.

My next season sadly started with an ankle injury however with further treatment at the clinic and a very minimal training programme I was bouncing again after 3 months.

The clinic have always been positive in their approach and will liaise with my Coach to ensure I can keep up some conditioning training whilst ensuring my injuries are fully healed, which is really important. They ensure that I am also ready to return to training and help guide me with a gradual return to my normal level.

I have also seen big benefits to my core strength by attending the clinic’s Pilates class and more recently been fitted with Orthotics to my shoes to help correct the positioning of my feet and ankles.

Knee Pain

My story is centred on a knee and a back and a coronary artery bypass and a body that is now 74.
I was a secondary school teacher for 40 years and loved it. I did very little physical exercise, preferring to read and smoke! I started smoking when I was sixteen, as did all my friends. Why would we not?

When I was in my 40s I tripped over a pupil’s bag in a classroom and ended up with the removal of cartilage. The surgeon told me I would probably have arthritis in the knee when I got older. But I was young and couldn’t care about what would happen when I got old.

Move on 20 years. I have arthritis in the knee and I also need a by-pass. I had the by-pass in 2005 and took up an exercise regime for the first time in my life. At the gym doing gentle cardio exercise 2 or 3 times a week. No problem. By this time the knee is arthritic and the doctor suggests physiotherapy. She suggests Maidstone Physio Clinic.

With hands-on and acupuncture, both do the trick – the knee still works well I don’t need pain relief! I can walk further now and have avoided a total knee replacement.

At 70 I, like so many others, develop a less-than-comfortable back. Anna suggests a scan, to see whether treatment would be appropriate. It seems I have nasty arthritis in the spine, so we are back to hands-on and a bit of acupuncture. After a while the back feels good and she talks of Pilates as a possible long-term help to keep mobile. (All the yummy mummies at the school gate, where I meet my granddaughter, rush to Pilates classes once a week!).

Anna and Erin run Pilates groups and I am enrolled in a once-a -week class with two nice ladies and a lovely man. We have a comfortable, cheerful forty five minutes together on Wednesday lunchtime, and it has made such a difference to my back pain, and I can walk a lot further now.

At 74 I still go to the gym to keep up my cardio exercises, I do the Pilates once a week and of course, I don’t smoke.
I am very busy, very active. I love walking, being with my grandchildren, holidaying in Italy and Ireland as often as possible, being involved in clubs and societies in my community, going into London to art galleries. I do more exercise now than I ever did as a teenager but I still read too.

Thanks Maidstone Physio Clinic, for keeping me mobile.

Back Pain

My name is Steve, I am a 44 year old electrician.

I have been troubled with back pain for many years and a few years ago I was diagnosed with arthritis in both the upper and lower spine.

I had been to several physios and an osteopath before I came to the Maidstone Physiotherapy Clinic, none of which did much to ease the pain or help the problem.

Anna really seemed to understand the problems I was having and suggested a course of hands-on physio combined with acupuncture. The two treatments have been amazing in their results and I now return every 6-8 weeks for a treatment session to keep me flexible.
In 2014 I started the Pilates classes at the clinic. The Pilates classes along with the treatment I receive every 6 weeks, have not only made me stronger and more flexible but have alleviated the pain completely for the first time in several years.

Within my line of work I am always meeting people with back problems and I recommend Anna and her team to them every time.

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